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Head ashore in pirate game Tempest's first DLC

Spend your gold

Ahoy, landlubbers! The first DLC for open-world pirate game Tempest [official site] lets you step your leather boots onto solid ground for the first time. Treasure Lands DLC adds a new ship and invites you onto shore to assault forts, dig up treasure, defend villages and explore ancient cities.

If you missed it, Tempest is an adventure across the high seas, with quests to complete, crew members to manage and plenty of boom-y cannon combat. Brendan thought its large, fantasy world full of sea monsters had promise but that its missions were generally about as fun as scrubbing the poop deck. Still, one of his main criticisms was the lack of gameplay variety, which this DLC certainly addresses.

Here's the trailer:

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I mean, it basically looks like the combat from boarding another ship has been transplanted onto dry land, so if you enjoyed clashing rapiers among the waves then you'll probably like this.

The Treasure Lands DLC is available now on Steam for £4.49/4,49€/$4.49. (Tempest is also on GOG, but the DLC isn't yet).

Back to Brendan. As I said, he didn't totally sink the game, and if you're a pirate fanatic then it might be worth a quick peer through your telescope at it, especially with the extras in the DLC.

"The world is big and each faction has a hefty handful of quests that you'll need to work to deserve. There's also instant co-op, which means tougher missions, like taking out a well-guarded fort, can be approached with mates. Likewise, the broad strokes of fantasy – the undead, magic artifacts, sea monsters – might be enough to intrigue you deeper into this world of pirates and tradesmen.

"[But] that feeling – of doing the same things over and over – extends throughout the game. When most of your missions have the exact same objective – go here, kill this, board that – the life of a pirate, it turns out, isn't one of reputation but one of repetition."

Those who have played it: what have you thought?

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