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Terra Nil's latest trailer offers a sanctuary of peace and calm

Relaxing nature sounds for sleeping

Terra Nil is terraforming sim, in which you land on a barren wasteland, construct machines for restoring it to a lush, green wilderness, and then pack up your toys and leave. It's one of the games I'm most looking forward to in 2023, and its latest trailer just cements that. It's three-minutes-long, has no music, and simply lets you revel in the "satisfaction in reclamation".

Here it is:

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"Terra Nil is truly meditative experience with calming sights and sounds as you reclaim the wasteland," says the YouTube video description. "This trailer turns off the (amazing music) and shows the calming sensation of Terra Nil's gameplay in the purest form."

I almost always turn off the music when I play games anyway, so for me this is a more accurate play example than most trailers offer. It would only be more accurate if it had the new Paramore album or an episode of Shedunnit playing over the top of it.

A Terra Nil demo is currently available to play on Steam, if you can't wait for whenever it's due to arrive this year. I'm avoiding it, in part because I already played it's still-available prototype on Itch. The art has changed, but it was already beautiful and satisfying in its stripped-down pixel art form.

Liam recently picked Terra Nil as one of his most anticipated indie games in our new Indiescovery podcast, if you haven't already been listening to that.

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