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That Riddick Game Diesel Teased? An iOS Movie Tie-In

:( :( :(

Update: I sought clarification from Gaming Corps about Vin Diesel's comment, further games in the Riddick series, and whether or not PC will be involved, and CEO Nicklas Dunham replied with the following: "At the moment we can only disclose that the iOS version is just the beginning." So there's more to come, but it's still far too early to determine the exact form it will take.

Original: That's it, Vin Diesel. I have had it with your coy, ultimately empty promises and suspiciously shiny head. Next time I see you, we're going to throw down. You will win, because a) you have the musculature of a mythological Greek titan and b) are the Iron Giant, but still. Afterward, you will absolutely, positively - for some reason - regret getting me all excited about the prospect of a new Chronicles of Riddick game. Because really? All that ballyhooing and getting the old Starbreeze band back together for a quick-and-dirty mobile movie tie-in? I'm sitting here, fists clinched, just shuddering right now, Vin. And it's only mostly from fear.

Yeah, it doesn't look particularly great. Reading into it further, it's apparently exactly what it looks like, too. Top-down stealth-action where you can "complete objectives your own way." I guess there'll be some sort of light/dark mechanic involved as well, but zoomed-out third-person doesn't seem super conducive to the sort of tension that cat/really-big-mouse dynamic created in previous Riddicks.

On the upside, Tigon is calling Chronicles of Riddick: The Merc Files "the first new installment in the ongoing Riddick saga," so maybe something a bit beefier might make its way onto other platforms in the future? Also, Diesel wasn't lying when he said he had former Starbreeze talent on board, with developer Gaming Corps (which I keep trying to write as Gaming Crops) having blossomed off from Riddick's original virtual handler back in 2012. So, um, fingers crossed for Merc Files' success. I guess.

For now, though, join me in quoting another one of our time's greatest mostly bald luminaries: AAAUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUGGGGGHHH.

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