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The 20 best Sims 4 CC on PC

The Sims 4 but make it fashion

Listen, we're not having a pop at the base game version of The Sims 4, but you have to admit that it doesn't offer everything you might want. It would be impossible for it to service every whim and desire you asked of it for! But still, sometimes you'll be fooling around in build and buy mode, or Create A Sim, and just wish that you had more space gubbins to wear or cool plants for your kitchen. Or bunk beds! Lord almighty, if only there were bunkbeds.

Well, it just so happens that there are, if you know where to look. And that place is 'at custom content'. There are some amazing creators out there making simply fabulous cc sets to make every Sims game your best version of it. And cc is all free! How amazing is that? That's why we've rounded up all our favourite cc sets in one place, for ease of use to you the reader. Read on for more.

First of all, though, if you don't know how to download cc and slap it into your Sims game - welcome! You're really going to enjoy it. And secondly, you should check out this video on the Rock Paper Shotgun YouTube channel that tells you exactly how it's done. It's only five minutes long, will teach you how to install mods and custom content, and also clue you in on the exact difference between cc and mods.

Cover image for YouTube videoHow To Install Mods And Custom Content In The Sims 4 | TS4 Tutorial

You should also know that whenever The Sims 4 gets a patch (usually at the same time as a new EA approved DLC is implemented), that update can 'break' cc so they don't work as well as they used to. Maybe your Sim will no longer sleep in the top bunk of your cc bunk beds, that kind of thing. If that happens, you should check the mod page on The Sims Resource or any social media pages the creator has - they'll usually be aware or let you know if they're working on an update.

Best Sims 4 CC

On to the fun bit! We've gathered a bunch of really amazing cc, by a bunch of different creators, all in one place. Most of these packs are meaty, with a good chunk of items and loads of colour swatches, so they'll really change the options you have for your house builds and Create-A-Sim. We've got a mix of styles to suit all tastes, from the rustic to the truly out of this world, and a good mix of cc to cover both CAS and build and buy.

For this list (taken from the cc recommended in this video and this video on our YouTube) we've provided descriptions of what each bit of cc offers, but if you're not fussy and you'd prefer to skip straight to the downloads, we've got a list of links on the final page.

The Kichen Stuff Pack by Harrie and Felixandre

Who doesn't love kitchens? Heart of the home, etc. etc.. So imagine our excitement at the discovery that a whole fan-made stuff pack has been made, solely focusing on kitchens? The Kichen (misspelling intentional) is a stuff pack created by Harrie and Felixandre, who are both well known creators in the Sims world for their custom content and their incredible builds.

With 56 pieces in total, the Kichen pack has 64 counter swatches, new meshes, edited Maxis meshes, and is entirely Maxis Match (meaning that it looks as though it was created by the Sims team for the base game). This pack is truly amazing. It’s got some fabulous tiny details like a pestle and mortar, pots and pans, and even a little set of wine and some wine glasses. It’s an incredibly detailed pack and though it only comes with one counter and one island, the swatches are phenomenal, and will fit in any style kitchen, in any style house, and with pretty much every colour scheme you can imagine.

Download The Kichen Stuff Pack cc.

Pufferhead Stuff Pack by MLys

It's a shame that Harry Potter doesn't exist in the Sims world, despite the Realm Of Magic game pack. But maybe you should introduce your sim to Henry, because the collection in this cc is remarkable. And the best bit about this pack is that even if you’re not into all the wizardy bits, there are some swatches for both the Create A Sim and build and buy modes that are lovely even if you're not a Potterhead. The beds with separate duvet sets and frames are some of the best you'll find anywhere. There are even sets of readable books, and with all the soft furnishing clutter and chairs, this is probably he cosiest Stuff Pack you'll ever lay eyes on. If you are a Potter fan, you've got everything you need to make a Potter themed bedroom. You can even take a test on the Pufferhead website to find out which Harnocks house you’re in: Alpaggard, Leetlefloof, Ivybell or Owlenmoon.

Download the Pufferhead Stuff Pack cc.

Teen Style Stuff pack by Luumia and Synth

One of the biggest gripes in the Sims 4 community is the fact that the adults and teenagers look pretty much the same. Their clothes are the same, they’re the same height, they interact in pretty much the same way - it's all a bit… bleh. This is where the Teen Style Stuff pack by Luumia and Synth comes in. This pack isn’t huge, and it’s all Create A Sim stuff, but it's so worth a look. The clothes are just very teen in style, and it's great. They break down into The Punk Kid, The It Girl, and The Athlete themes, but there are plenty of ways to interpret or mix and match everything together. It means this pack is really good for creating multiple looks for different styles of Sims with just one pack, especially with all the different colour swatches.

Download the Teen Style Stuff Pack cc.

Cover image for YouTube video

Windenburg University by redhotchilisimblr, vivificus-zombiae, zx-ta and haziesims

This pack comes with a whole lot, from an actual campus building (which is a massive 64 x 64 squares), to varsity jackets, re-creation of some old Sims 2 buy mode items, and even some university-esque pose packs. The campus itself is amazing, with a canteen, dorm rooms, a library, lecture rooms, the Dean’s office, and so much more. The dorm rooms are usable to a degree - it’s a library lot so obviously it’s not an actual residential lot, but you could easily get a group of teen Sims practically living here, as they’d have everything they’d ever need. A top tip would be to give this lot the trait “teens hangout,” but it’s been created using absolutely no custom content, and is available to download through the gallery if you didn’t want everything else with it.

We recommend downloading the whole thing for the best University experience, but do bear in mind that the University lot is absolutely bloody massive and may struggle to run on lower-end PCs.

Download the Widenburg University cc.

Rustic Romance Stuff Pack by The Plumbob Tea Society

Only the first of a few Plumbob Tea Society packs we're going to recommend, this is a really really cute bit of cc, and it’s all Maxis match. It adds loads of new clothing for all ages, and tons of new build and buy objects. It was actually released on Valentine’s Day back in 2018 (get in the bin, time) and it’s pretty wedding-y. But even if you don’t tend to bother with the whole wedding thing in the Sims, everything here is really lovely and can work as part of a beautiful garden setting or a general party, with 70 items to choose from in total.

Download the Rustic romance Stuff Pack cc.

Cottage Garden Stuff Pack by The Plumbob Tea Society

Another one by The Plumbob Tea Society, The Cottage Garden Stuff pack took three months to create, and has an incredible 171 items. That’s a whole 101 Dalmatians more than Rustic Romance. And it’s free! Custom content baffles us to this very day.

Cottage Garden Stuff was a collaboration between 15 creators, and the results are fantastic. There are loads of new Create A Sim items: hair, clothes, accessories, shoes, and headwear for all ages and genders. But the buy mode is the bit that's absolutely overflowing. This pack would really complement a lot of the stuff from Rustic Romance, and there’s even a few build mode items too. We absolutely adore the wall spigot sink and the wall mounted post box. This pack is a must if you like rustic builds, and could make some absolutely beautiful off the grid houses.

Download the Cottage Garden Stuff Pack cc.

The Stellar Stuff Pack by Plumbob Tea Society

Ever wish you could make Spock in The Sims? Plumbob Tea Society's Stellar stuff Pack is here to enhance all of your out of this world Sims lives. It comes with an absolutely whopping 127 items, including both new hair meshes and a few “oil slicked” re-colours of pre-existing EA hair meshes, new clothes (even including some kids' clothing), and loads of new jewellery pieces - including a mood ring septum piercing that changes colours.

And that’s just in Create A Sim. There’s so much other stuff in here that you can actually build a whole spaceship home if you wanted, and why wouldn’t you to be honest? That includes a whole residential lot, the Moon Laboratory, with everything you’d want from a top secret but not very subtle science lab. It definitely puts the StrangerVille lab to shame.

Download the Stellar Stuff Pack cc.

Minimalist Bedroom Stuff Pack by Illogical Sims

We're about to recommend a lot of stuff from Illogical Sims, but it's not our fault they make such great cc! The minimalist bedroom stuff by Illogical Sims comes with 25 new objects, two wall textures, two floor textures and they all have at least 8 Maxis match wood swatches, which is great if you’re looking to mix and match between base game and custom content. It’s not just bedroom stuff though. It’s also got some desky bits too. Some bedrooms have desks don’t they? So it makes sense. But it’s got more than you bargained for, and pieces you can use throughout your lots.

Download the Minimalist Bedroom Stuff Pack cc.

Contemporary Living Stuff Pack by Illogical Sims

If your sim is a creature of habit, or likes having things matchy-matchy then Contemporary Living Stuff goes hand in hand with the previous Minimalist bedroom stuff pack. They match so well, you would probably be a fool to not download both of them together - unless you hate giving your Sims living rooms, in which case you're a monster. What we're trying to say is, these two packs have matching swatches, and you could create a really lovely open plan studio with both of them. Contemporary living includes over 20 new objects, 4 new doors, and a wall recolour, and like the previous pack, includes 8 Maxis match wooden swatches.

Download the Contemporary Living Stuff Pack cc.

Sleek Kitchen Stuff Pack by Illogical Sims

If you love dreaming about your ideal kitchen, let us introduce you to the Sleek Kitchen Stuff pack, again by Illogical Sims. In this pack you can expect to see a built in oven-slash-stove-slash-cooker, a new sink, new counters, stools, chairs, a moving ceiling fan, and other bits of clutter and art work. There are 20 objects in total, including an edited counter to get rid of its splashback, you know, so your food doesn’t go on your walls. One thing to note, though, is that the colour scheme is very greyscale. Do not adjust your TV, this is how it looks. Sleek indeed.

Download the Sleek Kitchen Stuff Pack cc.

Modern Living Stuff Pack by Illogical Sims

The modern living stuff pack has 13 new objects, 10 of which are completely new, while the rest are older objects created by Illogical Sims, but with updated swatches to match the swatches in this pack. So all items have matching swatches. We're saying swatches a lot. The Modern Living Stuff Pack will give you a load of cute furniture options, but highlight of this pack is the TV stand that has clutter slots on all three levels. Is there a god? We think there might be, and they’re called Illogical Sims.

Download the Modern Living Stuff Pack cc.

Simkea Furnishings Stuff by Illogical Sims

Everyone loves IKEA don’t they? Well, everyone likes the idea of having a house that looks that nice - they lure us in with all these nice looking rooms, saying “you can have this too!”. Then you look at your bank balance after getting stuck in their maze of dreams and lies, and decide - nope, I will never have the IKEA house of my dreams. But you can in The Sims! Illogical Sims has put together 45 objects that are inspired by IKEA and minimalist furniture in general, including kitchen, bedroom, living, and bathroom bits. It’s much easier in the Sims, because you don’t have to build it yourself. But you can pretend your Sims have - there’s a failed side table, instructions, and a hammer included in this.

Download the Simkea Furnishings Stuff Pack cc.

Serenity Bathroom by Peacemaker

We're also recommending a bunch of sets from another fan favourite - Peacemaker. Their style is a bit more alpha in look than Maxis match, but their cc is still absolutely gorgeous and can fit in with a lot of build styles. First on the list is the Serenity Bathroom, which is so good that it'll give you inspiration for remodelling your real life bathroom. This is a full bathroom set, with 29 meshes and up to 40 different swatches and tones for nearly every item. Peacemaker ain’t playing about with this bathroom. And that walk in shower! so cute!

Download the Serenity Bathroom cc.

Hamptons Builtin by Peacemaker

Were here at RPS love a good window seat, and you know what the Sims is lacking? Good window seats. Thankfully we have custom content creators like Peacemaker to help create them, and other integrated furniture - like a cabinet for your TV with three different styles and options. This pack has 12 new meshes, with 24 to 35 swatches for each. Grab a good book, recline in your window seat, and look at all the clutter on your TV unit. What more could you want?

Download the Hamptons Builtin cc.

Futura Living by Peacemaker

The overall look of this pack is great, and it's clear Peacemaker has really looked into what kind of things people were filling their houses with in the mid-century. It’s a bit futuristic-y, at a time when technology was advancing and art deco was becoming a thing of the past. The pack nails that mid-century feel. This pack has 40 meshes, with between 8 and 50 swatches for each object. It’s so good to see a new style of furniture in the game, andalways feel like when The Sims teams try to go for this kind of era, they always fall short.

Download the Futura Living cc.

Roarsome Kids Bedroom Stuff Pack by Peacemaker

There will be those among you who don't like kids in the Sims or real life, and those who absolutely love them in both. But whichever you are, you have to admit that kids get the short straws when it comes to interesting Sims things - and this Stuff Pack is just the cutest. It has child and toddler beds, loads of separate bed frame and bedding options, and most importantly... the colours are nice. There are 30 new meshes, and all have between 4 and 44 swatches. A must for sprucing up your kid and toddler rooms.

Download the Roarsome Kids Bedroom Stuff Pack cc.

Vara Office Set by Peacemaker

The final selection from Peacemaker is this lovely office set, which has a new desktop, laptop, easel, and other office-y things, like a desk and bookcase. It's really important to make your home office a happy and nice space in real life, and the same goes for your Sims! Gotta keep the little pixel pals happy. While there are only 10 items in this pack, they're all really great, and could even work as furniture in other rooms. Plus, they look really nice partnered up with other Peacemaker bits and bobs, too.

Download the Vara Office Set cc.

The Sims 4 IKEA Home Stuff by simsi45

We know we've already included the Illogical Sims SIMKEA pack, but this pack is a conversion of the beloved Sims 2 IKEA pack, now available as a cc for the Sims 4. There are two downloads for this (three if you include the Sims 2 pre-order reward items). With both downloads there are a total of 76 IKEA items here, and if you're a Sims veteran you're going to get a big nostalgia hit from them. They’re obviously all old IKEA items too, so you can reminisce not only over The Sims 2, but also some classic IKEA sofas. Unfortunately, the mesh for the classic IKEA love heart cushion wouldn’t work, so it’s been replaced by a frog king. All hail our frog king.

Download the Sims 4 IKEA Home Stuff Pack cc and Sims 4 IKEA Home Stuff Reward Items cc.

Halloween Town by SimDoughnut

Halloween might be a fair way off, depending on when you read this, but it’s always good to be prepared for spookems. This is not just a Stuff Pack, it’s a whole new lot and Stuff pack in one. It even has it's own story lore. The town this pack adds has a tavern, a potion shop, a book shop, a stable, a town hall, a witches tower, a market place, and two homes. There’s also a huge catacomb underneath. Murder basement anyone? You can find the lot in the gallery under a few different hashtags or SimDoughnut’s username, or via the instructions through the link below. But the stuff pack includes 82 different objects. Including build and buy objects like doors, wallpapers, fireplaces, and also decorations like paintings, potions, and other bits of clutter.

Download the Halloween Town cc.

That's What She Bed - Bunk Bed Series by RAVASHEEN

Told you there'd be bunk beds! This set by creator RAVASHEEN comes with not just an upper and lower bed (which you can configure in various ways) but mattresses with loads of colour swatches. And the key thing is that these bunk beds work. You sim will actually go to sleep in the top or lower bunk! Finally! Not only that, but this set comes with a load of matching furniture so you can make a whole room. Our favourite bit is the mini desk and chair set that fits under the high bunk. It means you can make a really cute modular room, great for kids or a student look, or for tiny builds. RAVASHEEN makes loads of great clutter and wallpaper too, so check out the rest of their stuff.

Download the That's What She Bed - Bunk Bed Series cc.


You did it! Thanks for joining us on our list of the best Sims cc - unless you skipped to the end to get all the downloads, in which case you're a dirty cheat. We hope you enjoy all the lovely new creations you can make by adding this free cc to your game, although you may want to mount an external hard drive to fit some of them in... All photos are by the respective creators, apart from the That's What She Bed bunk beds, which we took in-game ourselves. Alice Liguori and Alice Bell thank you for being Sim fanatics, and for reading this far.

The Sims 4 best CC list

The Kichen Stuff Pack cc.
Pufferhead Stuff Pack cc.
Teen Style Stuff Pack cc.
Widenburg University cc
Rustic romance Stuff Pack cc.
Cottage Garden Stuff Pack cc.
Stellar Stuff Pack cc.
Minimalist Bedroom Stuff Pack cc.
Contemporary Living Stuff Pack cc.
Sleek Kitchen Stuff Pack cc.
Modern Living Stuff Pack cc.
Simkea Furnishings Stuff Pack cc.
Serenity Bathroom cc.
Hamptons Builtin cc.
Futura Living cc.
Roarsome Kids Bedroom Stuff Pack cc.
Vara Office Set cc.
Sims 4 IKEA Home Stuff Pack cc and Sims 4 IKEA Home Stuff Reward Items cc.
Halloween Town cc.
That's What She Bed - Bunk Bed Series cc.

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