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The Accounting+ trailer is the best thing you'll watch today

Putting the fun in funereal

Back in the day, when we first started RPS, a lot of my day was spent searching through GameTrailers (sniff, thanks GameTrailers) to find interesting-looking videos to write snark underneath. Now we force Dominic to do that, by means too criminal to describe, because there are only so many years you can do it for before you need to kill again. But I can't stop myself from posting the new Accounting+ trailer from Crows Crows Crows, early in the morning before the rest of RPS has crawled out of the communal treehouse hammock, because it's the best thing I've seen in over two hundred years.

I shan't pre-amble the content, but instead tell you that if you're thinking, "Sure, this is a funny but standard video game trailer," notice how long there is left on the video. Here you are:

Watch on YouTube

There. Told you so.

This updated version of 2016's Accounting is, it seems, lots bigger, and has a level set in actual space. It's out today, around 5pm if you live in the UK, and other incorrect times if you don't.

Disclaimer: Once I was walking through GDC with Accounting's co-lead William Pugh, and we were chatting about something or other, probably how he needs to brush his hair, and I saw Brenda and John Romero walking in. Now, I know Brenda, but had never met John before, but I also happened to know that John Romero was William's gaming hero, the reason he'd ever started making video game levels. I thought it was too good an opportunity to miss, and that William would chicken out if I didn't. So I caught Brenda's eye and waved hello, causing their small entourage to come to a stop. And then with an entirely undeserved confidence I talked to John Romero as if I already knew him. "Hi John, can I introduce you to William Pugh, co-creator of The Stanley Parable?"

Hooray, I thought, standing back to let William fawn all over his hero.

"The Stanley Parable!" exclaimed John, "I LOVE THAT GAME!" After which John Romero began to fawn all over William Pugh, and tell him at length how brilliant his game was, and it was basically one of the best moments in my whole twenty years of this silly job.

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