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The Beginner's Guide To The Beginner's Guide - The New Game From Stanley Parable Creator

Game of Games?

I can't imagine a more daunting development task than having to follow up on The Stanley Parable. The truly stunning meta-game was a deserved phenomenon, catapulting developers Davey Wreden and William Pugh into the heights of indie fame. A game that pulled at the threads of gaming, seeing how they'd unravel, makes for a very tough act to follow. But that's what Stanley creator Wreden is aiming to do with his solo project, The Beginner's Guide [official site].

Described as "a narrative video game", pretty much no other details are being announced ahead of its release on Thursday (1st Oct). But there are some screenshots to be confused by in the meantime.

I don't envy anyone following a significant gaming flagpole like Stanley. I'd fear knowing that every single review will obviously compare it to Stanley. Frankly, I'm surprised Wreden has been able to follow up so quickly, rather than be paralysed by the thought of it all.

Look, truth be told, I've got a copy of the game running as I write this, but we've agreed not to say anything until the game is out. So make what you will of these screenshots:

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