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The best moments (and winners) of the PUBG Global Invitational

Peak Plunks

I spent the past five days watching the Playerunknown's Battlegrounds Global Invitational, looking on as people shoot at each other in showdowns that aren't officially stag and hen dos gone wrong. But don't listen to Brendan "Plunk" Greene. PUBG isn't about winning, it's about watching people get away with stuff that they shouldn't and laughing when things go horribly wrong.

First though, I better tell you who plunked the best. The tournament was split into two, with the same teams battling in its third-person mode and then first-person, giving shots at two separate prize pools.

The third-person competition went to Gen.G Gold, who entered the final game with a lead that left their victory in little doubt. Team Liquid and Welcome To South Georgia took second and third place respectively.

When the team's magic peek-around-corners cameras were taken away for the first-person competition, a ridiculously strong performance from Oh My God on the first day secured them first place - despite them getting knocked out early-ish in most games on the final day. Liquid and WTSG took second and third again, somehow. Here are the results in full.

Ok, that's enough of that. Here's who plunked the funniest.

First: these meerkats.

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I expect to see a lot of people doing this now. Or not seeing them, as the case may be.

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This was a lovely build up to an inevitable squashing.

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As was this.

I've leave you with my hands-down highlight of the whole tournament, and a warning. You might watch this showdown and declare Plunkbat the king of esports, a jaw-clenchingly tense arena where moments like this happen all the time. They don't. They're tragically rare, but I'll dig into that later this week. For now, enjoy.

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