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The Blaseball team are bringing their puzzle game to PC next year

Trade your bat for a deck

The Game Band are presently known as the orchestrators of Blaseball, an odd democratic simulation of a baseball league that I gather folks are quite fond of. For a slice of something quite different, the studio is releasing Where Cards Fall, a puzzle game originally prototyped a decade ago. It's already out on Apple Arcade and is coming to PC and the Nintendo Switch early next year.

"I made the first prototype for Where Cards Fall ten years ago in my college dorm room." says Game Band founder Sam Rosenthal. "This game grew with me for the better part of the last decade, and I never imagined so many talented hands would help bring it to life. We couldn’t be more excited for Switch and PC players to experience our story for the very first time."

"Where Cards Fall is a slice of life story where you build houses of cards to bring formative memories to life," Game Band say. "Create pathways through dreamlike spatial puzzles to navigate the insecurities and emotions of high school and beyond."

In Rosenthal's walkthrough above you can see the puzzles being dealt out. Stacks of cards become card houses of varying sizes and heights. Controlling the size and shape of each house as you come across card stacks will help you traverse a total of 50 puzzles throughout the story.

Compared with Blaseball's unpredictable "story" and minimal web UI, this story-based puzzle full of colorful dioramas sure is a totally different tone for the fantasy sport lords.

The Game Band say that Where Cards Fall is coming to Steam, the Epic Game Store, and the Nintendo Switch in early 2021.

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