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First person puzzler The Bradwell Conspiracy makes its mysterious debut

The Bakewell Conspiracy: Mr Kipling's dark secret.

There's been an incident of the explosive sort. You're trapped, alone - save for some mysterious voices broadcasting to you - in a strange and ruined near-future complex at Stonehenge. Sounds like the start for a first-person puzzle adventure to me, and The Bradwell Conspiracy seems happy to play the role.

Announced today, The Bradwell Conspiracy is to be the first game from new outfit A Brave Plan, published by Bossa Studios. They're calling it a "narrative-driven first person experience" which perhaps downplays the puzzle bits, but that scene above sure looks like a conundrum to me. There's no release date yet, but Bossa say it's "Coming soon". Below, a moody teaser trailer.

While there's not much action shown in the teaser trailer below, we do get a peek at its stark art style and architecture. Chunky polygons and minimal texturing isn't a new look, but it's a pleasing one, and should hopefully keep things uncluttered while you're working your way through its problems. A Brave Plan's team includes folks who worked on Fable, Batman and Tomb Raider, so there's some pedigree there. Their voice cast doesn't sound too bad either, including that Jonathan Ross fella from TV, and some talent from Assassin's Creed Origins.

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While the trailer gives us little insight into the game, the official site poses some interesting questions, which I shall attempt to answer.

  • "What triggered that explosion?"

An exothermic reaction! Proper scientifical, that is.

  • "Has the mystery of Stonehenge finally been solved?"

Oh, we're doing National Treasure, then. Or Ancient Aliens.

  • "Is Bradwell actually the kind and compassionate company it appears?"

Most likely not, what with their "secret underground complex" and talk of that "sickening truth", but I could be wrong.

Snark aside, it does sound interesting, so far as first-person adventures go. Rather than portals or throwing blocks around, the tools mentioned so far are a pair of Augmented Reality glasses (which you can use to share information with a partner elsewhere in the complex) and access to 3D printers to manufacture solutions.

Bossa Studios are being  mysterious about the release, but its Steam and official pages insist that it's "Coming Soon". For those wanting a deeper peek at the lore and world-building surrounding the game, there's a page for Bradwell Electronics here. I wouldn't mind one of those tablets.

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