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The Constructors is a new construction company sim coming from the House Flipper people

If you build it, it will be picketed

House Flipper captured the minds of all of us who watched Homes Under The Hammer and knew in our hearts that we were unlikely to be able to buy a house to live in, let alone spare houses to flip and sell at a profit. Now the publishers Frozen Forge are back with The Constructors, revealed at the PC Gaming Show. The Constructors is a simulation game allowing you to climb up another rung on the parasite ladder (following on from last year's landlord sim The Tenants, by the same devs Ancient Forge Studio) as you own a constuction company, and build and design housing estates.

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This isn't as up close and personal as the first-person House Flipper, but you still have a fair bit of control. As the company owner you buy lots to rennovate them, design the neighbourhood, and then hire contractors to carry out the building work. Your clients will ask for different things and you have to manage their needs, while also choosing materials and even granular things like the number of windows or the type of lightbulbs used.

It's a casual sim, but is still simulating quite a lot. People will picket your construction. Building in different seasons can bring unexpected problems. You have to get licenses and permits, deal with environmental issues like floods and road access, and can focus on eco-friendly construction - just like in real life. Also like in real life, you can cut corners to save costs. I can foresee no problems with any of this.

There's no release window for The Constructors yet, but you can check out the Steam store page to see a bit more for yourself.

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