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The Cost Of War: Battles From The Bulge

A wargame dev can disappoint his customers in thousands of ingenious ways. Getting the armour thickness wrong on a Panther glacis plate usually works, as does neglecting to model Russian anti-tank dogs, Polish cavalry, and Bren gun tripods. Strangely, one of the least used methods is steep pricing. Command Ops: Battles from the Bulge a game I talked about excitedly earlier in the year has just vaulted out of its halftrack and sadly, the initial hubbub seems to be more about the price than the promising AI advances.

Many of the posters in the rapidly-swelling threads at Wargamer com and Matrix Games (the publisher) seem to think £66 is too much to pay for a new digitally downloaded wargame, however high the quality. I'd be interested to know whether you agree.

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