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The Elder Scrolls Online's next expansion is delayed but only by a week

April showers bring Nord flowers

As have many game studios during the Covid-19 coronavirus pandemic, Zenimax Online's developers have been working from home. Zenimax previously acknowledged that this could impact the release date for The Elder Scrolls Online's next expansion set in Western Skyrim. They've now piped up to say that they're pushing back its release date, but only by a week. You'll be able to head to the Blue Palace on Tuesday, May 26th.

Zenimax gave the new date in an update but are also quick to say that there's still room for uncertainty. "This of course could change if something happens outside of our control," they say. "Remember, we haven't launched a major ESO update while working remotely before, and unforeseen problems can and do crop up."

As with its prior expansions, The Elder Scrolls Online - Greymoor will add a new map area to explore, a new story campaign, and a couple new game systems. You'll head back to Solitude and Dragon Bridge, both of which will feel very familiar to anyone who visited them in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. As a treat, they've also brought back the glowing Dwemer cavern Blackreach but it's much bigger now, spanning all the underground area of Skyrim a bit like the Deep Roads in Dragon Age.

I've gotten to try out a few hours of the new expansion myself and it's good fun in line with ESO's past expansions in Morrowind and Elsweyr. They've updated the vampire skill line to be more enticing than its current passive role in players' skill trees. Zenimax have also created their own new Antiquarian Guild that sends you off to explore the entire game map tracking down ancient relics with some new symbol matching minigames.

Zenimax also provided a bit of information in their post about their efforts to track down some input delay issues that ESO players are having as the game has been flooded with more players than it's seen in years.

The Greymoor expansion is now releasing on Tuesday, May 26th. Current players can upgrade to Greymoor for £33/€40/$40, while new players can buy it for £50/€60/$60, either of which include the base game and ESO's previous expansion chapters from Morrowind, Summerset, and Elsweyr. It's on Steam and the Bethesda store.

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