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The Entropy Centre is a puzzler with a talking gun that shoots science

More weapons should be so cute

Upcoming sci-fi puzzle game The Entropy Centre has a gun that, at first glance, seems to rewind time, and that’s probably one of the most useful inventions ever. The Entropy Centre’s due out this year. Although it could probably be out whenever it likes if it fires at a calendar of games releases. Have your ideas about physics turned upside down when you watch the trailer below. Or is it above?

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It’s not actually a time-gun after all. Entropy’s the scientific concept that identifies the tendency the Universe has towards disorder, innit. You know what’s disordered? Puzzles. Better shoot them with your blaster in short order, then. Your talking gun Astra – did I mention that it talks? – says that “puzzles are the most efficient way of generating entropy energy”. You’ll need all that lovely energy to keep the Entropy Centre organisation’s space station, and the whole planet Earth, in one piece.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like The Entropy Centre’s protagonist is doing too well to start with, because Earth's thermostat has reached one hundred million degrees Celsius. Solve enough puzzles and you’ll have the required amount of energy to rewind the planet back to a sensible, liveable temperature. Oh, so it does rewind time then. Sort of. I’m very confused. There are cute but very blasty little robots to watch out for too, to complicate matters. Let’s just say the game looks very reminiscent of Portal and that’s no bad thing, shall we?

The Entropy Centre is coming to Steam this year. It’ll be on PlayStation and Xbox as well.

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