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The Forgotten City looks gorgeous in its new gameplay trailer

It starts out super pretty then gets very scary

There's a new gameplay trailer out for The Forgotten City, the game that started life as an award-winning Skyrim mod. It's set in a cursed ancient Roman city where if one person sins, everyone dies. It's a Groundhog Day kind of scenario where you have to figure out the city's mysteries in order to break a time loop. In this new preview of one of the game's quests, we get a great look at how far The Forgotten City has come since its Skyrim days, and dare I say it looks better than Skyrim ever could.

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We start this quest by being beamed through some sort of portal, only to arrive on the other side being told off by a stranger who's annoyed we were inside his sacred shrine. From the sounds of it this is a mission at the very start of the game - there's a lot of dialogue and exposition with some truly gorgeous backdrops. Actually, what am I on about? This is a time loop game, literally any point of it could be the beginning.

The music and scenery is so peaceful, I suppose as you might expect from a city with no sin. Well, at least, there's no sin until you come along. It all gets a bit scary when the player character goes to nick something, and an evil booming voice starts running its mouth and suddenly everyone's a gold zombie. It looks brilliant.

Last year, Katharine had a chance to chat to The Forgotten City's creator, Nick Pearce, at PAX East, and despite the game being far from release at that point, he was already thinking about what might come next:

“After the game’s finished, I'd really love to be able to just empty all this stuff out of my brain and get some inspiration from something new. I don't want to give too much away, [but] there is definitely potential for a sequel. If you get the best ending, it could lead naturally to a second game. But it really depends on what kind of feedback we get. If people want more of this then we’ll do it. If they just want a new, crazy big story, then that’s what we'll do."

The Forgotten City launches on Steam this winter. If you're curious about where it all started, you can download the original mod over on Nexus Mods.

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