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The Foxer

The 127-cell honeycomb below is a fancy form of wordsearch in which every cell is used, and words can curl and zigzag but never overlap. Each hive foxer has a theme (some previous ones: roses, walls, postage stamps, and The 39 Steps). Identifying this theme is a vital part of the defoxing process. Today’s puzzle is made up of 23 answers.


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Last week’s wordchain:

1. Zwingli (phlebas)
2. Lisbon (mrpier)
3. Bonnard (phlebas)
4. Ardent (Dr. Breen)
5. Entryway (Dr. Breen)
6. Aylward (Dr. Breen)
7. Ardingly (phuzz)
8. Lycanthropes (Dr. Breen)
9. Pescetarian (unacom)
10. Antarctica (phlebas)
11. Casablanca (AFKAMC)
12. Casque (Dr. Breen)
13. Quetzal (phuzz)
14. Aldebaran (phuzz)
15. Rangoli (a_monk)
16. Lidice (Dr. Breen)
17. Centipede (Arioch_RN)
18. Denali (Dr. Breen, phuzz)
19. Lisztomania (Dr. Breen)
20. Niarbyl (a_monk, Dr. Breen)
21. Byland (Dr. Breen)
22. Androgen (Dr. Breen)
23. Gentian (phuzz, Dr. Breen)
24. Antibes (phuzz)

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