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The Foxer

Roman's butane-powered 1:16 scale V-2 rocket made its maiden flight this morning. Well, I say 'flight', it was more of a rampage really. Because of a launch tower failure ('Bundle the bamboo canes' I told him, but, no, he knew best!) the replica vengeance weapon decided to make for Bramley End rather than the Wild Blue Yonder. Two trashed glasshouses, a felled bird table, and a decapitated stone nymph later, the unplanned chevauchée ended in the vicarage garden with a vandalistic pièce de résistance that reduced Reverend Pixton to tears and shrouded much of his parish with pungent toffee-scented smoke. I suspect none of us who saw - or smelt - those beehives blazing will ever forget it.

Talking of apiaries, I've got a hive foxer for you this week.

The 127-cell honeycomb above is a fancy form of wordsearch in which every cell is used, and words can curl and zigzag but never overlap. Each hive foxer has a unique theme but Roman respects the defoxing community far too much to disclose it prior to defoxing. What he is prepared to tell you is how many words you’re looking for. The perfectly interlocking solution to today’s puzzle is made up of 21 words.

* * * * *

The answers to last week’s '30 Things, People, and Places That Made the News in 2016′ foxer

1. SF TBRXT Soft Brexit (Arioch_RN, Little_Crow)
2. LCS CT Luca Scatà (unsolved)
3. BRNG LNSPLT Brangelina split (Little_Crow)
4. ND RKRLV Andrei Karlov (Little_Crow)
5. SL RMPL S2 Solar Impulse 2 (Arioch_RN)
6. CLSJN GL Calais Jungle (Little_Crow)
7. THPR PLWT CH The Purple Witch (Little_Crow)
8. PRMN DDSNG LS Promenade des Anglais (Electric Dragon)
9. VNCS Vinicius (unsolved)
10. LTH RTRSRS leather trousers (Arioch_RN)
11. TRZ Torez (unsolved)
12. MK MR CGR TGN Make America Great Again (Little_Crow)
13. SMMCN TNRY Somme Centenary (Arioch_RN)
14. MJ RTM Major Tim (Little_Crow)
15. THSL LT The Sellout (Electric Dragon)
16. SBR NSCRK Soberanes Creek (unsolved)
17. CL SRFT Oculus Rift (Arioch_RN)
18. HR RCNMTTHW Hurricane Matthew (Arioch_RN)
19. PRV TMLSR VR private email server (Little_Crow)
20. MB RTC Umberto Eco (Arioch_RN)
21. JNP RB Juno probe (Little_Crow)
22. DRNTH SWM P Drain the Swamp (Little_Crow)
23. CND RM Ocean Dream (unsolved)
24. MHVJRLNG KRNBDNDRDBYVRNG KN Maha Vajiralongkorn Bodindradebayavarangkun (Little_Crow)
25. L Ali (Arioch_RN)
26. PLP* Aleppo (Arioch_RN)
27. RSS ZZ BG* Zsa Zsa Gabor (Arioch_RN)
28. RPPP SMN* Panama Papers (unsolved)
29. BLKM* Maalbeek (unsolved)
30. WB* Bowie (Arioch_RN)

* * * * *

After analysing the clues in last week's 'Where am I?' foxer, reader Firenz made a trip to Howth near Dublin and spotted me standing outside the Summit Inn on Thormanby Road eyeing Ireland's Eye and a shapely double decker.

* * * * *

Collage theme: The (real) Great Escape (defoxed by Zogg)

a 50 Pfennig coin (Arioch_RN)
b X-class submarine (Zogg)
c Carl Sagan (Arioch_RN)
d Ferret armoured car (Arioch_RN)
e Penguin missile (Zogg)
f Peugeot 104 (Zogg, Faldrath)
g Richard 'Dick' Winters (phlebas)
h Cover of Need for Speed: Underground (unsolved)
i Yellow Monopoly cards - the two 'halfway houses' in Harry were called Leicester Square and Piccadilly Circus (Arioch_RN)
j Rio 2016 Paralympic mascot, Tom (Faldrath)
k Harry Lime (Arioch_RN)

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