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The Green Party: Of Orcs And Men

Of Orcs And Men, which is out a week from now, has a sneaky, backstabby goblin and a hulking great brute of an orc. If you can get past such crude stereotyping you might find there's more to the duo than expected. They bicker, you see, in the style of a mild-mannered middle-aged accountant and a young, maverick number-cruncher forced to share a room during a corporate retreat. It's a fantasy adventure and a mismatched buddy movie. I hope Arkaïl, the orc, reveals in an emotional late scene that he's only a tough brawler because he had to grow up on the streets and never knew his parents. Styx the goblin is like a father to him.. Oh, and Styx? I reckon this is his last quest before retirement.

It certainly seems to contain hacking, sneaking and slashing, although the two characters don't seem to offer much more than one character often does. There are heroes who can sneak and fight as the situation demands; some of them can even choose to take one approach or the other when faced with any situation. At least here there's a bit of verbal back and forth to enjoy though, although the trailer has a little bit of bad sitcom syndrome. Just because the characters laugh at their own jokes and each other, that doesn't mean they said anything funny.

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