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Dota 2's The International Will Happen August 3rd 

Until the 8th

Last year's annual Dota 2 tournament, known as The International, had a prize pool of over $10 million and was funded in small part by Valve but mostly by the sale of a kind of magic, digital sticker book. What will The International deliver in 2015, I wonder. Funding by way of enchanted breeks, or perhaps a Dota-themed Pog revival?

I would believe anything, but confirmation will come in August because The International 2015 will happen August 3rd-8th in Seattle.

Perhaps such things as magical books aren't enough to compel you to watch a wizarding esport, but last year's tournament also saw the introduction of a stream dedicated to newcomers, where the commentary concerned itself more with explaining the basics of what was happening and less with high-level tactical chat. It wasn't perfect, but hopefully Valve expand on the idea this year. As much as I might never get into Dota as a player, I like events - they're like parties I don't have to leave the house to attend - and I hate feeling left out of other's excitement over each year's TI.

There is no other information at this point, so here are some words other than "breeks" that you might enjoy rolling around your mouth this evening:


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