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Holy Wow: The Journey Down Chapter 2 Looks Fantastic

One step closer to the edge

Refresher time: The Journey Down was a great adventure game that came out a while back and then got a strong (though not perfect) HD remake back in 2012. The tale of a Jamacian pilot and his dealings with a mysterious woman, an evil power company, and "The Edge" was quite something, but it rolled credits after it'd only just begun to take off. Thank goodness it's nearly time for The Journey Down Chapter Two. The wait's been lengthy, but consider me hopeful for one heck of a payoff.

Developer Skygoblin has finally narrowed down a release window for chapter two: sometime this summer. A concrete date will apparently follow "shortly."

As ever, it took so long because this isn't really the type of game you can just slather in graphics and fling out the window. That in mind, Journey Down's developers aren't afraid to take every last second they need:

"TJD2 has taken us a long time to build. Why? Because we have truly challenged ourselves with it. We didn't want to just re-do what we did with the first game. We wanted to take the critique we got from the first game and battle it, head on. This has taken quite a while, but it has also made TJD2 a better game in every way possible."

There are a few character profiles and things of the like on the game's developer blog, but it's mostly shrouded in mystery at this point. Not that I'm complaining. I want to discover it all for myself anyway.

I do, however, recommend you feast those gaping abysses you call peepers on the rest of TJD2's new screenshots. It's been a long week. You deserve a tall, refreshing glass of "Oooooooo" and a complimentary side helping of "Ahhhhhhhhh."

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