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A Big Deal: Indie Royale's Got Journey Down, Eight Others

It seems like only yesterday that the last Indie Royale bundle graced us with yet another tantalizingly priced collection of independent videogames. But, it was in fact, 19 yesterdays ago, which apparently meets the requisite downtime quota in indie bundle time. So now the Summer Bundle's setting up shop on our virtual sidewalks with an adorably misspelled copy edited sign and promises of delicious lemonade games like The Journey Down and Serious Sam 2. In total, there's a whopping nine games up for grabs here, so you might consider taking a peek.

In addition to the John-tested, John-approved adventure and Serious "I don't need John's approval, because I'm Serious Sam" Sam, there's also freeform, RTS-esque tower defender Harvest: Massive Encounter, anime bullet hell trilogy Gundemonium - which consists of Gundemonium Recollection, GundeadliGne, and Hitogata Happa - equally anime-themed one-on-one shmup/fighter Acceleration Of Suguri X-Edition, prehistoric extinction outrunner Dino Run SE, and good ol' AirMech, for good measure.

As of now, this sends Journey Down's price on an even further journey down than its recent price cut, so that alone propels this bundle into temptation territory. And, speaking personally, Summer Bundle actually contains a fair number of interesting-sounding games that I've somehow missed out on. For instance, I'm not usually one for shmups or 2D fighters, but both in one game? Hmm, Acceleration Of Suguri. You and your ridiculous name just got my attention. So then, who else is buying?

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