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The Lamplighters League's agents have impeccable pulp style

Harebrained Schemes have detailed all ten playable characters

The Lamplighters League is the next turn-based strategy game from the team behind Battletech and Shadowrun, but it’s also the name of the ragtag group of scoundrels you’ll be fighting with across this pulp adventure. Katharine got to see three of those characters in action during her preview - where she walked away very excited about the game’s emergent chaos - and now developer Harebrained Schemes have revealed all ten playable agents. Oh boy, do they look stylish.

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As previously announced, the league is made up of the “best of the worst” since all of the world’s heroes have kicked the bucket. As in, they’re dead. That forces the remaining thieves, scoundrels, and other anti-heroes of the world to fight three evil cult factions across an alternate 1930s.

The ten agents are split into different infiltration roles, or classes if you prefer. There are three tank-like bruisers, who are presumably great at taking a beating for the greater good. There are three more saboteurs, who are good at dealing damage and supporting the rest of the team. Then there’s the sneak role characters, who are probably handy when it comes to the game’s real-time infiltration sections, letting you scout out level layouts before you engage in turn-based shootouts.

Character art for Judith the demolitionist in The Lamplighters League
Character art for Jianyi the mystic swordsman in The Lamplighters League
Character art for Celestine the occult assassin in The Lamplighters League

You’ll begin the adventure with master thief Lateef, former war veteran Eddie, and femme fatale Ingrid, just because a 1930s setting seems incomplete without a Hitchcock blonde, I guess. From there, you’ll be able to recruit more misfits on missions, and invite them back to your team’s hideout - this is a war from the shadows, after all. Each new hero has their own difficulty, unique abilities, and personality, meaning covert missions can drastically change depending on who you invite to the party. Take a look at all ten of the agents here.

Lamplighters League is a globetrotting 1930s adventure, so I should have been prepared for how well-dressed some of our agents are. Alas, I wasn’t. Take one look at the occult assassin Célestine with her fine-line tattoos and great hairdo, or the glamour mage Alexandrite whose shining staff and shades make her look very cool.

The Lamplighters League And The Tower At The End Of The World (that’s the full title, yes) is launching on PC via Steam and The Epic Games Store, next-gen Xboxes, and Game Pass later this year.

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