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Computer Crime: The Masterplan Launches On Greenlight

The jury... is still out (sorry)

Monaco didn't do it for me, but it wasn't that concept that put me off. There's nothing I want more than to carry out expert heists with a crew of skilled crooks. I have high hopes, then, for the The Masterplan, which matches that idea with plenty of '70s crime movie style. It's on Greenlight now and there's a new trailer below, introducing its team of characters.

I covered the game previously in a DevLog Watch column, but it's nice to see the game progress. It's also nice to see that I can understand what's going on in the trailer, as it was the art style - when combined with the chaos of co-op - that made Monaco such a muddle to play. To me. I know others liked it.

The Masterplan dodges that problem by being a singleplayer game and by adopting 'real-time with pause' so you have more time to plan - masterplan - your team's movements.

Drawing inspiration from both legendary tactical turn-based games and classic heist movies alike, the goal of The Masterplan is to put together the right crew, get the right equipment, and finally plan and execute the biggest heist ever.

Set in the early 1970s, the game features beautiful hand-drawn 2D art and an authentic soundtrack recorded by a real band. The gameplay blends a physics-based world and a clever AI system with an easy to approach "real time with pause" user interface.

Apparently the game has already cracked Greenlight's Top 100, but I'm sure they'd appreciate you popping along to vote.

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