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The Masterplan To Leave Early Access With Story Mode

Can ya steal it? Yes you can

Back in December Marsh said that heist 'em up The Masterplan [official site] was "fun, fulsome and stable enough to deserve my £11", which is fairly high praise for an Early Access title. That value for money looks to skyrocket come June 4th, when the game is unleashed from Early Access and becomes an Actual Game, with a bunch of new features, including a new story mode written by Tom Jubert.

The Masterplan requires you to use your characters’ unique abilities to pull off a series of heists without getting caught. It’s a top-down strategic game, with hints of Frozen Synapse to it, but with cartoony hand drawn graphics and a sense of humour.

Jubert was narrative designer on a few other indie games you may be familiar with, including The Swapper, FTL and The Talos Principle. He's helped the team at Shark Punch to come up with a full story mode that "follows a crew of down­on­their­luck, blue­collar criminals set adrift by Richard Nixon's New Federalism, and chasing the score of a lifetime". I'm always eager to celebrate developers putting visible effort into their games' stories and getting a narrative designer with a decent track record involved is always a good sign. I'm looking forward to seeing what they've come up with.

The game has had "significant new features and additions" which promise to improve on the Early Access version. The teaser trailer below will give you a tiny glimpse at what these might look like, along with confirmation of the release date. Which is June 4th.

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