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The Oculus Rift S is back in stock at Overclockers UK

Go, go, go!

Good news, Oculus Rift S hunters. Stock levels for Oculus's best VR headset have shot back up over at Overclockers UK today, marking the first time anyone's been able to get hold of the headset in absolutely ages.

According to Overclockers UK's website, there are at least ten Rift S headsets in stock at time of writing - although there's currently no telling whether that means 11 headsets or 111. Either way, the good news is that the Rift S can be ordered for its regular price of £399, and there's free shipping, too, making it a good time to snap one up if you've been itching to get one.

As I said in my Oculus Rift S review the other day, this is arguably the best PC-based VR headset you can buy today. Its inside out tracking is wonderfully accurate, and it doesn't require any additional sensors in order to set up, either. It's comfortable to wear for long periods of time, too - much more so than the standalone Oculus Quest in my view - and its Oculus Touch controllers are lovely and light, too. Here's my closing thought from that very review:

"Overall, then, the Rift S is definitely the VR headset to buy if you don’t want to spend upwards of a grand on the Valve Index. Its inside-out tracking is both more accurate and easier to set up than the more expensive Vive Cosmos, and it’s a lot more comfortable to use, too. The Valve Index may be the gold standard for VR headsets right now, but the Oculus Rift S is definitely the next best thing."

So go forth and click that checkout button, VR fans, because there's no telling how long it's going to stick around for.

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