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Art history-mangling adventure The Procession To Calvary turns to crowdfunding

If you play this, you're probably going to hell.

If Renaissance-era art was anywhere near as funny as point-and-click adventure The Procession To Calvary makes it look, I'd probably know a lot more art history right now. Sequel to the similarly Gilliam-inspired Four Last Things, it's a very silly tour through some of the most iconic artworks of the renaissance. Apparently buying famous artworks in order to snip them up and make silly animations with costs money, as developer Joe Richardson has turned to Kickstarter to push this one to a hopeful April 2019 finish. It's around two thirds funded, with 22 days to go.

There is a certain comedic alchemy in doing very stupid things to very clever artworks, as Rock Of Ages and its sequel also proved. Picking up where the original Four Last Things ended (in hell), the returning and increasingly battered protagonist is back for a tour through an all new set of Renaissance artworks. That means you'll be traipsing through a world of (mostly) Italian art, and committing the occasional art of grand blasphemy as you bumble through the works of William Hogarth.

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Developer Joe Richardson has as bizarre an approach to story structure as anything else on show here - all of the game's art was created first, and then the story and puzzles were wrapped around them. It gives the whole thing a vaguely improvisational feel, which is probably what you want when Monty Python is a key inspiration. One thing that is being improved over the first game is its accessibility - there's now going to be an optional hotspot indicator, meaning that you can focus on the puzzles, instead of combing over each screen for minute details. I will never turn it off.

You can find The Procession To Calvary's Kickstarter page here. £10 or equivalent will get you a copy of the game when it's finished, estimated to be in April 2019, and beta access a little sooner. You can also find the original Four Last Things on its official page here for £6.49.

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