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Bosch 'n' click: Four Last Things released

Cor, new adventure Four Last Things [official site] does have some gorgeous artwork - but it would, as it's borrowing from some of the finest Renaissance painters. Joe Richardson has built the game out of paintings, given life with cutout animation. "It's kind of like if Monkey Island had been made in 16th century Flanders, by a time-travelling Monty Python fanboy," he says. Fill your eyes with this fooolishness:

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That protagonist is a fool who, at the end of a great pilgrimage, finds out he needs to repeat the sins he sought absolution from. He'd performed them in a different church's catchment, see. Bureaucracy!

Here's what Richardson says:

"Four Last Things is a point-and-click adventure game made from Renaissance-era paintings and public domain recordings of classical music. It is about sin, and the Four Last Things – Death, Judgement, Heaven and Hell – and strives to be intelligent and ridiculous in equal measures."

You might remember him, by the way, from the equally silly adventure game The Preposterous Awesomeness of Everything. What a silly man.

A small launch discount brings Four Last Things to £6.29/7,19€/$7/19 on Steam. It doesn't have a demo but you can still play this old prototype for free.

While I'm here, hey, check out Monty Python's Terry Gilliam explaining how he made animations:

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