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The Room 4: Old Sins' dollhouse looks lovely as a Lego set

And with enough votes it could be real

Every game in The Room series is about the slow unlocking of a layered puzzle. They’re detailed, marvellous things, and you can often forget just how cool they are while you’re looking for a lever or begging your partner to Google for a solution (that way you didn’t look for one, you see?). To remind you, or to spoil it for you, The Room 4: Old Sins’ graphics and motion designer Roger Schembri has designed that game’s dollhouse in Lego Ideas, rendering what it would look like if Lego ever made it into a kit.

It's not an exact copy. Roger had to reorganise the interior of the original to fit all the rooms inside, but if you know the game you’ll be familiar with what’s made it into the build.

He said: "I managed to squeeze in every location featured in the game from the Foyer, Study, Kitchen and fold out Garden on the ground floor, to the Curiosity Room and Japanese Gallery on the first floor, the Maritime Room & Art Studio on the third floor and the Attic at the top of the house, containing a microbuild of the dollhouse itself. Each room contains a corrupted book just like in the game, as a 1x1 tile with a texture applied using Bricklink Part Designer."

The game’s characters also make an appearance. Doomed they might be, but Abigail and Edward Waldegrave still look cute as minifigs.

Roger has made several Room builds with Lego. Here’s a safe inspired by the original game.

Cover image for YouTube videoA Close Look at 'The Room' in LEGO

Lego sets do get made from the proposals on the site. He’d need 10,000 likes on the page in order for it to be considered. I personally like it 10,001 times in my heart, but that doesn't count.

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