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Puzzle box 'em up The Room celebrates its 10th anniversary with a series-wide sale next month

Starting on September 1st

An elaborate dollhouse sits under various lamps in a screenshot from The Room 4: Old Sins
Image credit: Fireproof Games

Puzzlebox solve ‘em up The Room entered the scene ten years ago, so developers Fireproof Games are celebrating the milestone anniversary with deep discounts across the entire slightly spooky series. From September 1st to September 14th, every single game in the puzzler series will enjoy a discount of up to 90% on Steam. Similarly big sales are taking place across the Nintendo eShop (until September 22nd) and the Google Play Store (until September 8th), if you wanted to take the lovely headscratchers on the go. Or to the comfort of your own bed.

The series debuted on mobile way back in 2012, before quickly jumping to yer personal computers with spruced-up textures and lighting, as well as a bonus epilogue chapter in 2014. Our The Room review called it “genuinely astonishing at times,” thanks to the pretty visuals and prettier mechanical contraptions. Fireproof Games then followed it up with a sequel - aptly called The Room Two - which our our review at the time also praised for its strong puzzles, even if its additional rooms made its name feel "somewhat nonsensical".

The Room Three and The Room 4: Old Sins carried over the series’ mix of environmental clue-hunting and creepy shadowy settings, while adding even more elaborate metal onions to peel back. 2020’s The Room VR: A Dark Matter was unsurprisingly a great fit for the virtual goggles, too, as you got to mess around with the cogs, gears, buttons, and levers with your own hands - or at least the displaced digital versions of your own hands.

“As a small independent game developer, the biggest joy of all is hearing the feedback from our players,” said studio co-founder Barry Meade in a statement. “Ten years on, we're delighted to still be here to share a milestone moment with the fans who have given us so much.

You can find all five gems on Fireproof Games’ developer page on Steam in preparation for the discounts that begin on September 1st.

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