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The Room Three polishes up and puzzles out a November release date

Like Myst, but with puzzles made for humans

Good things come to those who wait, and according to just about every site that reviews mobile games, The Room Three - now releasing November 13th on PC - is worth a bit of patience. Launched back in 2015 on iThings and Android, Fireproof Games have been polishing their trilogy-ending point-and-click puzzler up for a PC release for a while now. The PC version boasts more detailed environments, improved effects and general improvements to polish. Below, a trailer comparing the original mobile release to the upcoming PC remaster.

While three years is a very long time to wait for a short (if sweet) puzzler, it's clear that Fireproof haven't cut any corners for this upcoming release. The PC version below has far more detailed environments (especially that train) and some strikingly moody new effects, including some thick volumetric haze. One particular scene in the trailer below, looking out at a lighthouse through a window feels almost completely transformed. In the PC version, the previously plain glass is warped by time and cracked in places, and the moonlit landscape beyond is far more defined.

Cover image for YouTube video

Still, what matters at the end of the day is the quality of the brainteasers, which should hopefully be as high as ever. John greatly enjoyed the second Room, calling it "splendid. If remarkably gloomy" in his review. He mentioned that the third game (which was out on mobile at the time) was significantly better, both larger in scope and more involved. Expect more tactile interactions with weird machines and the world as you poke and prod at techno-magical devices, seeing just what each dial, button or lever does. Or just rummaging around in a drawer for an obscure hint.

The Room Three launches on PC on November 13th. You can find it on Steam and on its official page here.


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