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Shorter Games With Worse Graphics bundle keeps smashing sales goals

It's 28 weird, short games to chew on

The full sentiment, which you've perhaps seen floating about social media, is "I want shorter games with worse graphics made by people who are paid more to work less and I'm not kidding". That's exactly what the games in this particular Itch bundle of 28 indie games are. A good number of people were not kidding, indeed, because the bundle keeps blowing through the modest sales goals that its organiser has set. After initially only setting a goal for $1,000, it's currently surpassed $8,000 with over a week remaining.

You can find "The Shorter Games With Worse Graphics Bundle Round 2" over on Itch. "There's nothing that had a proper publishing deal, just cool games from small teams that you can play through in an afternoon," the bundle's creator says.

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I'll be honest, I know almost nothing about almost all of them. Although that's just about what you'd want out of a niche indie games bundle, isn't it?

One I haven't played, but can at least point out, is the exceptionally titled "My Older Sister Left The Computer So I Got On & Found Myself Trying To Coordinate A Raid In A Game & I Don't Play MMO's". That one is pretty much what it sounds like: coming into a battle with a big baddie you know nothing about and coordinating a bunch of characters you don't know. It happens to be one by the bundle's creator "CannibalInteractive".

There's also a creepy text adventure called The Seance and the second episode of Space Pirate Captain McCallery. There are several small tabletop RPGs in there as well, including one about dating Mothman, one called "Squashbuckler" about being a vegetable with a sword, and something called "Weasel Overdrive".

As with their game My Older Sister, CannibalInteractive's indie game bundles have gathered a bit more success than they'd planned. The first bundle, back in January, set an initial goal of $1,000 and raised over $8,000 by the end. They went with a $1,000 goal again for this second version of the bundle and have since bumped it up twice as it continues to sell. With eleven days remaining, bundle number two has already outsold the original, currently sitting at a total of $8,446 raised from 352 contributors.

As CannibalInteractive puts it: "Seeing all the sentiments against AAA and how now is a good time to support studios that refuse to be a part of that culture I think it's a great time to see people put their money where their mouth is." A good number of folks have indeed, it seems.

If you're keen as well, you can snag the bundle yourself on Itch for $20.

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