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The Sims 4 Cats & Dogs expansion to add cats, dogs

Make a furry friend

In the future, after The Brands take over, people bubbling with folksy charm will be required to say "It's raining the fourth Sims 4 expansion pack out there" when pointing out heavy rain. EA today announced that The Sims 4 [official site] will expand again with Cats & Dogs on November 10th, see. As you might guess, it will focus on our dearest furry friends by adding cats. Dogs will be there too, desperate for attention as always. Folks will get to keep, customise, and train 'em and whatnot, and the expansion will also introduce a new vet job for players to run their own clinic. Observe:

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Cats & Dogs is off to a new town too, the coastal Brindleton Bay.

So: cats and dogs. They are animals, and we'll get to keep them. For monsters who believe that in altering their pets' appearance to better suit their personal aesthetic, the expansion has that covered. EA explain:

"The all new Create A Pet tool provides players with the ability to create and design their perfect pet. Choose from an expansive variety of cat and dog breeds or mix multiple breeds to create something truly unique. Customise furry friends' coats with crazy patterns or match the spots and stripes of an in-game pet to a real-life pet. For the first time ever, special outfits and accessories will also be available to finish off the look, and tailored personality traits ensure no two pets are alike inside-or-out."

Like other Sims 4 expansions, Cats & Dogs will cost a ludicrous £34.99. Hey, looks like the UK launch will actually come shortly before midnight on the 9th.

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