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The Steam Autumn Sale has started

Nominations for the Steam Awards are open too

After limbering up your spending hand with smaller Black Friday sales in other digital games stores, I hope you're ready for big one: the Steam Autumn Sale is now on. From now until next Wednesday, Valve's PC game store has... so many discounts. So many. This brings the start of Valve's Steam Awards too, with nominations now open.

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Hit the Steam front page to get started seeing all of the everything. Once again, it has so many discounts that Valve only surface some of them, instead expecting you to fall into trusting the algorithm to find games you might want. Though quite a few results I'm saying aren't on sale? Maybe they'll kick in soon. Perhaps after Steam's servers inevitably fall over from a rush of traffic.

Update: Now we've had time to take a look, check out our Steam Autumn Sale recommendations. That's 20 games, big and small, blockbuster and indie, across many genres.

The Steam Autumn Sale will end at 6pm (10am Pacific) on Wednesday the 1st of December.

Valve are warming open for award season too, today opening nominations for the Steam Awards. They are pointless, like almost all awards, but they might get devs of games you like a tidy boost. And you can earn a virtual badge, which is also pointless.

Following this nomination phase, Valve will open voting with the start of the Steam Holiday Sale in December, then announce winners on the 3rd of January, 2022.

For even more discounted games, check out the sales going on right now on the Epic Games Store, GOG, and Origin.

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