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The Steam Game Festival is returning in October with more demos

Please don't make us play 900 demos in one week again

Valve plan to hold another Steam Game Festival this autumn, running from October 7th to the 13th, and I'm a bit afraid of it. A Steam Game Festival, you see, is a short period of time where Steam releases a whole bunch of demos for upcoming games. But during the summer festival Steam released an unholy number, giving us 900 to try and get through.

The very first Steam Game Festival took place last December, running alongside The Game Awards with 13 demos for players to get their hands on. The next one came in spring, and only gave us like, 40 demos. If they're trying to beat that summer number for the autumn event, I fear we may be faced with thousands of the damn things. Pray for us.

News of the upcoming autumn festival comes from good old Geoff Keighley, who revealed on Twitter that Valve would be hosting yet another Game Fest. There's not much detail at the minute on what games we can expect demos for, or indeed how many demos they'll be thrusting upon us.

It was actually quite cool that there were so many demos at the summer fest, though longer than a week to play them might've been nice. We went for the old divide and conquer approach here at RPS, with our brave staffers each tackling their own genre. In the end, we managed to write up a bunch of lists of the best demos from the Steam Game Festival: Summer Edition.

And we'd do it again.

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