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The Sunday Papers

Not much time today, so let's just dive straight into our weekly compilation of interesting reading across the week and try really, really hard to avoid linking to a couple of videos which I'd never actually seen until the last few days from the album which remains pretty much the definitive nineties statement on the male condition.

  • We mentioned the GMAs when we were shortlisted and Alec and I had a good old yabber on this week's podcast but Tom Francis of GalCiv2 diary fame goes and writes up the evening's event, including a so-bad-it's-actually-kinda-awesome photo of us on the dancefloor. Also, gags.
  • World of Goo watch with Andrew Doull reviewing World of Goo in the form of EA-head-chap fanfiction. Turn it into slash next time, yeah? RPS is into all kinds of RPS.
  • Scott Phillips talks about making Co-op work in Saints Row 2 - as in, in an open world. We probably should actually write some more about Saints Row. I haven't had a crack at it yet, but I've had several credible people rave about it to me. Also, PC Format's Mike Channel. Only joking, Mike. Love you!
  • Valve Find The Time To Bleed with the making of Meet The Sandvich. It keeps them indoors and busy, Bless 'em.
  • Point/(er)Point Again: Leigh Alexander, spinning of her digging Silent Hill: Homecoming, analyses the culture of negativity. Ben Fritz basically agrees, but picks up on the lack of negativity elsewhere. Why the difference, eh? Generally speaking, I think new errors get picked up more than old ones - take (say) Edge's critique of Braid for its plot. Conversely, no-one would have hammered the latest Mario for having a really shit plot. In fact, rejecting Mario for the plot seems obscene.
  • Debonair and Gentlemen from the Afghan Whig's 1994 opus Gentlemen. Just really odd seeing a video to something that's always existed as a pure voice and pure noise for so long. Still awesome. As I've written before, if I ever begat a girl, the day of her first period, I'd give her a copy of Gentlemen and tell her: "Honey - listen to this. This is what men are like. Be careful".


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