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The RPS Electronic Wireless Show Episode 3

Yes, we managed to find enough willpower to sit in a room with one another for long enough to record a podcast without throttling one another. Three times now! This luck won't hold. Anyway, this time Alec Meer and myself sit and talk about the issues of the day. And the day in question being the Geekiest Day Of All Time. Namely, today. You can grab it here, subscribe to it at Itunes over here or on general RSS here and complain about the sound quality in the comments thread. Because we're back on my dictaphone again. Man! Running order follows...

Running Order

00:02: Introductions!
00:38: Why we're in my living room - namely, the Games Media Awards we went to last night.
1:00: Alec admonishes Kieron for painting Skaven while podcasting.
1:15: The Geekiest Day Of All Time is Introduced.
1:43: We start talking about the GMA awards, but end up talking about awards we won when we were children.
3:00: Finally talk about the GMAs. We insult pretty much everyone.
4:01: Steps and Alphabeat being Fascists.
4:30: More GMA nonsense.
6:30: Why we went to do the day of geek - to get a copy of Fallout 3. Which we then discuss a bit.
11:38: Heading to forbidden Planet. Slander of Matt Fraction followed by discussion of Lego Batman.
14:04: Alec has the best idea ever for a new Lego game. Lego Watchmen. The idea astounds us so much we're incapable of speaking.
17:02: Kieron decides not to try and do Rab Consolevania's accent when telling the story of Quintin hitting on girls in the style of Oblivion.
20:02: We go to Games Workshop, which leads to discussion of Endwar and the idea of all games being MMOs.
25:20: Skaven make-out. Alec has doubts about whether this is a good idea.
26:05: We go into Zavvi and buy series 5 of the Wired. Or Wire. Or the Wire. Kieron is useless. We fail to link it to videogames, despite giving it a good crack.
27:50: And finally we talk about King's Bounty!
27:52: Actually, we back out and talk about DRM. WE LOVE DRM.
31:09: And finally - King's Bounty!
35:40: Which segues into East European and Russian development, and King's Bounty relation to it.
43:30: We get a bit worryingly self-congratulatory. But hurrah for King's Bounty!
45:02: RPS decide to end the pod-cast with a high-fiving. Natch.

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