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The Zeno-Garry Collective

Oddball birdman-punching game Zeno Clash has just received its first downloadable content - the option to use its beautiful, absurd character models in the world-conquering meta-game/toolset Garry's Mod. Go go crazy, surreal fantasyscapes!

The add-on's free, and will auto-patch itself into Steam if you own both games. It contains 70 models (characters, beasties and weapons), and the mere concept of it is enough to have me desperately praying Zeno Clash's uptake has been decent enough. I want to see Father-Mother vs The Heavy, Dr Breen riding on one of those giant elephant-camels, Golem holding hands with with a Vortigaunt. Step to it, RPS community!

Developers ACE Team promise there's more DLC inbound, by the way -fingers crossed for a multiplayer patch, eh? I so badly want to stove Kieron's face in. AND IN THE GAME.

If you missed it first time around, here's our mega-chat/review about Zeno Clash, and how we love it so despite its strangeness and flaws.

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