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This 27-in 240Hz Samsung monitor is £229 right now (£70 off)

If you like fast-paced shooters, this is the monitor for you. We've also got an outstanding ultrawide deal.

For a while, I was super into Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, and I took getting better at the game very seriously. I swapped out my mouse and headset, practiced grenade line-ups for hours and even learned a few Russian phrases to try and get the respect of my match-making teammates. All these steps worked, but the real results came when I swapped my old 144Hz monitor for a 240Hz model, the Samsung CRG5. Hitting such a high frame-rate in Counter-Strike isn't difficult even on old hardware, and the increase in clarity meant hitting shots a lot easier.

If you want to follow in my footsteps, then it's good news: this 240Hz screen is going cheap on Amazon today. They're asking £229 for it, £70 off its regular price of £299, and I think that's a great deal.

This price is pretty outstanding, so let me tell you a little more about this monitor in an attempt to sway you. It's got a VA panel, which is a little bit slower in terms of its 4ms pixel response times but makes up for this will excellent contrast. That makes the CRG5 a great choice for gaming in the dark, whether that means in real life, in the game or both. The 27-inch span and 1080p resolution means that individual pixels are distinguishable from a normal viewing distance, but it also means that you don't need a super-strong graphics card to hit high frame-rates in esports titles (and even some AAA games) - you just need a relatively competent graphics card.

The CRG5 is also a curved screen, which helps minimise one of the other downsides to a VA screen - poor viewing angles. The sides of the screen are oriented towards you, so it's hard to really sit off-axis and as a result colours keep looking good. Colours in general here are good, with excellent accuracy for a VA panel, so you could use this for colour-sensitive work if you wanted to (although a modern IPS screen would probably be the superior choice if this was your main use case for the monitor).

All in all, it's a great gaming monitor for anyone that can take advantage of its 240Hz refresh rate, and at £229 it's incredibly affordable. Do check out some reviews and consider this discount while it's available!

a photo of the samsung odyssey gaming monitor, specifically the g9

As well as the CRG5, the Samsung Odyssey G9 is also discounted today. This 49-in monitor is an absolute behemoth, boasting a DisplayHDR 1000 certification, 240Hz refresh rate and mighty 5120x1440 resolution. That essentially makes it the same as two 27-in 1440p 240Hz monitors stitched perfectly together, so while it is expensive it's actually pretty reasonable if you consider it in that context! Just make sure you have a sturdy desk to put it on (or a strong VESA mount) and you'll be good to go... and £1049 is a great price if you value the immersive experience that really good HDR and an all-encompassing screen can provide in the best ultrawide games.

So with those two monitors, our tour of the deals comes to an end. Thanks for joining me once again and we'll see you again tomorrow - assuming I don't get ambushed by appendicitis as I did a couple weeks back.

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