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This cute hidden object game conceals almost 800 rabbits

I Commissioned Some Bunnies continues the series started with bees

After twelve cheap 'n' cheerful hidden object games about finding bees in pretty pictures, the developer behind the I Commissioned Some Bees series has moved onto concealing a new animal: rabbits. Today they launched I Commissioned Some Bunnies, where once again they have commissioned artists to draw pictures with hidden animals to find. Still a big fan of that casual descriptive naming scheme. And yup, the pictures are nice, and the rabbits are hidden, and I'm happy to have spent £3 on it.

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It's a simple proposition: across 15 pretty illustrations from a variety of artists, find and click on almost 800 rabbits and over 600 carrots. If you want, I suppose you can imagine clicking on a bunny counts as petting a bunny. Bunnies in launderettes. Bunnies in bedrooms. Bunnies journeying through space. Bunnies amidst a kaiju fight. Bunnies amidst nuclear ruins. Bunnies at the swimming. Bunnies... honestly, I'm not sure where some of these places are, but I dig 'em.

Once you've found the bunnies, you can choose to add a few back to pictures in random places. That's a nice little challenge. But broadly, they're just pretty and pleasant. And they're cheap. So that's nice.

I do still wish the pictures locked to the screen space, rather than letting me pan over the edges into whitespace. I do still wish it used a different way of panning so I didn't keep accidentally click-and-dragging when I mean to click on a rabbit. I do still wish the pictures were higher-resolution so they didn't get quite so pixellated when you zoom in. But these are minor gripes. There are pretty pictures and hidden rabbits and carrots and I will find them.

You can buy I Commissioned Some Bunnies is available now from Steam. A 15% launch discount makes it £2.88/€3.39/$3.39 until next Thursday. If you dig it, hey, you can also buy a huge discounted bundle of all their hidden object games.

The series started in May 2022 and is now so very, very big. I dug the first two then missed that the rest had even come out. They weren't even hidden. But eagle-eyed Alice Bee awarded the series one of our Alternative Game Awards Awards (for best use of a bunch of bees).

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