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This factory-building game is set inside a destructible alien planet

Techtonica has co-op too

You've covered an alien world with a sprawling megafactory in Factorio. You've done the same in a first-person view in Satisfactory. Hell, you've converted half the galaxy to factory in Dyson Sphere Program. Reader dear, you still might be interested in an upcoming factory-building game, Techtonica. It's a first-person industrialiser set beneath the surface of an alien planet, complete with destructible terrain to carve out space for your mechanical machinations. Check out the announcement trailer below.

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Techtonica will slip us beneath the surface of an alien world teeming with bioluminescent life to, well, turn everything into factory. From humble beginnings with hand tools, we'll slowly dig out and build until the underworld is filled with machines, conveyor belts, ziplines, and other factory fun.

It'll also have us tunnelling around to find resources and secret caves with artifacts we can scan to unlock new (old?) tech. Having destructible terrain in a game like this is neat. I mean, I suppose you could create a similar effect by modding Minecraft to the max but look, look at how pretty this is. I do like the glowplants, but I suppose I can fool myself into believing that by imposing mechnical order upon wild nature, my machines building machines building machines are just another complex ecosystem, right?

Along with singleplayer, Techtonica will support online co-op for up to four players.

Techtonica is headed to Steam... at some point? It's made by Fire Hose Games, who previously chipped in on 20XX and Catlateral Damage. It features music from Cityfires too, who did tunes for both of those.

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