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This Red Faction Armageddon Trailer Is Dark

By "dark" I don't mean the protagonist is stumbling around with more inner turmoil than a tumble drier, or that the callous spectre of death threatens to snatch down and kill any character at any time. Not that kind of dark. No, I mean that you just can't see what on Earth is going on. Hardly ideal footage for people like me, who were disappointed to find out the next Red Faction game would be swapping out Guerrilla's open world for the caves beneath Mars, and your human opponents for aliens. Take a look for yourself and see what you think.

This footage is of the game's Infestation multiplayer mode, Red Faction: Armageddon's take on Horde mode, which is fast becoming a mandatory feature for shooters. Successive waves of spiky aliens show up, and you and your pals have got to dispatch them.

Speaking of design elements borrowed from Epic games, isn't that the lash from Bulletstorm you can see the soldiers using in the video? Strange times.

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