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Those Avatar: The Last Airbender skins have arrived in Smite

Water, Earth, Air and Battle Passes

Theological battle arena Smite's gone all Nickelodeon on us today. Those Avatar: The Last Airbender skins Hi-Rez Studios announced last month have arrived, packed inside their own bespoke battle-pass added to the god-smashing MOBA today. They might not be full characters in their own right - instead, possessing three of Smite's existing mythical warriors - but if you've ever wanted to batter Zeus as a child-like cartoon demigod, now's your chance.

I'm not sure what the crossover between Smite players and Nickelodeon viewers is, mind, and it's hardly the most timely crossover (Avatar: The Legend Of Korra wrapped up back in 2014, far as I can tell). But they're neat skins and, as cartoony as they are, do fit quite well into Hi-Rez's godly fight-club.

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Avatar's three magical kids arrive as skins for existing characters rather than heroes in their own right - The Last Airbender's bald saviour Aang as Merlin, his brooding mate Zuko as Susano, with The Legend Of Korra's, err, Korra and her big dog Naga taking on the role of Skadi and her bear. These three skins arrive with the Avatar Battle Pass, which also add a whole load of badges, emotes and announcers to the game, all themed after a show I experienced largely through cultural osmosis on Tumblr.

A "Prestige" track, unlocked after capping out all 60 levels of the pass, includes three more alternate skins - glowing Avatar forms for the two Avatars, and a blue spirit suit for Zuko. While many of these goodies are free, you'll need to shell out for the Premium Battle Pass for the skins. That'll set you back 750 Gems - and fake currencies being what they are, you'll have to pick up at least 800 gems at $15.

But hey, people probably paid more to see M. Night Shyamalan's Avatar flick, so who's the real loser?

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