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Titan Quest and Jagged Alliance are free to keep right now

With Desperados 3 free to try for the weekend

THQ Nordic are celebrating their 10th anniversary by giving away free games via Steam. Surprisingly enduring action RPG Titan Quest is currently free-to-keep, and so is the ancient turn-based tactics of Jagged Alliance.

Then, if you want something a little more modern, the real-time tactical stealth of Desperados 3 is free-to-try for the next three days.

Titan Quest is a traditional, mythological hack-and-slasher from the co-creator of Age Of Empires. It had seven-out-of-ten vibes upon its initial release, but after years lying dormant has more recently received new updates and expansions. It's free to keep from Steam if you grab it any time in the next week.

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Jagged Alliance, meanwhile, is a classic turn-based tactics game about leading a mercenary force to liberate an island region-by-region. The series was a contemporary of the UFO/X-COM series, but while Julian Gollop's creation has been revived by the modern Firaxis incarnations, the modern Jagged Alliances have all disappointed. The original remains a classic though, and like Titan Quest it's free to keep if you grab it from Steam between now and September 23rd.

Finally, there's Desperados 3, a modern sequel to the classic cowboy sneak 'em up. It was developed by Mimimi Games, the makers of Shadow Tactics, and it's a stellar revival - and probably now the best of its genre. You can't keep it forever, but you can play it for free for the next three days, and it's currently 60% off if you do want to continue playing thereafter.

There are discounts across the rest of THQ Nordic's games on Steam, too, if you're intent on spending money.

THQ Nordic was founded in 2011 as Nordic Games. The company acquired the THQ trademark in 2014, after the original THQ went bankrupt in 2013, and Nordic Games was renamed THQ Nordic in 2016. (Nordic Games was itself a subsidiary of Nordic Games Publishing, which was founded in 2008, but look they're giving away free games so let's not spoil their birthday.)

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