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Titan Quest 2 announced with a "hand-crafted" open world

The Old Gods stir

An image from a cinematic of Titan Quest 2, showing a Spartan warrior on horseback
Image credit: THQ Nordic

THQ Nordic have announced Titan Quest 2, a sequel to Iron Lore Entertainment's action RPG of 2006, which was kind of a classical variation on Diablo with players touring Ancient Greece, Egypt and China in search of chthonic beasts to slay. The new game is the work of Grimlore Games, creator of Spellforce III and one of THQ Nordic's first internal development studios. It sees you hunting down Nemesis, goddess of retribution, who has gone a bit do-lally and is meddling with the Threads of Fate.

The game runs on Unreal Engine 5, and takes place in a (per the trailer blurb) "handcrafted" open world with a day-night cycle, roamed by mythological creatures such as the monstrous Stymphalian birds, which the fearful sages of Wikipedia describe as "man-eating birds with beaks of bronze and sharp metallic feathers they could launch at their victims". It'll bring back and expand upon the original game's Masteries system, which let you stir together skills from two of eight unlock trees.

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"As an ARPG we will feature meaningful loot - we really want to go back to the satisfying loot loop, where it's not just about comparing stats," a THQ Nordic spokesperson told us in a brief presentation ahead of tonight's reveal. "We want to offer challenging RPG combat where practical choices can give you an advantage."

The original Titan Quest stands proud at 35th on our best RPGs list. THQ Nordic have released a bunch of expansions since grabbing the IP following the demise of the original THQ in 2013. I have to say, I never played Titan Quest - I was more of a Dungeon Siege guy. How do you feel about another helping of action-RPG in this, the year of Diablo 4?

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