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Titan Quest gets Atlantis expansion, 13 years after launch

Another one?!

Surprise! Another Titan Quest expansion has launched out of nowhere, whipping clickheads away to the lost land of Atlantis. It is surprising but quite pleasant to see the solid action-RPG still getting love after thirteen years. I hear Atlantis is a bit short but hey, it's more of a deece game.

Along with the obvious action-RPG expansion bits like new areas, new skills, new monsters, and new loot, Atlantis adds an endless wave survival mode. Keep on clicking, never stop.

You'll also find a "casino merchant" selling random loot, fancy new graphics features like colour grading and screen space ambient occlusion, and assorted quality-of-life improvements including a "quick cast" option to cast abilities on your cursor location when hitting a hotkey rather than hitting the hotkey, aiming the cursor, then clicking to confirm.

This expansion is made by Pieces Interactive. Titan Quest creators Iron Lore Entertainment shut down in 2008, with some members going on to form Crate Entertainment and make Grim Dawn, then THQ Nordic picked the series up in THQ's bankruptcy sale (along with THQ's very name).

Titan Quest: Atlantis is out now on Steam, with a 10% launch discount bringing it down to £12.59/€13.49/$13.49. THQ Nordic say to expect it on GOG and other stores "very soon." I'm pretty sure you'll need the Anniversary Edition to run it (which came to the Steam edition as a free update), so it won't work with ancient disc copies.

THQ Nordic launched Atlantis without any prior announcement, just slamming it into Steam last night. That's how they launched the Ragnarok expansion too. Given THQ Nordic's recent stupid-ass marketing moves, maybe it's best that their PR peeps keep quiet.

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