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Titan Quest's fourth expansion, Eternal Embers, is out now

The little game that could

I've seen Titan Quest described as the best Diablo 2-like available, and I've seen it praised for its colourful environments when its competitors (including Diablo 2) are either grey or brown. Well, now there's even more Titan Quest. The Eternal Embers expansion is out now, with Asian-inspired locations and loads of new things to hack and slash.

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The expansion has four new acts, with the story inspired by Asian mythology. There's also 30+ new enemies and bosses, and an 11th mastery, via which you can become a deadly alchemist. More things to kill and more ways to kill them; hack and slash stuff, like I said.

Oddly, it seems to only be playable in Legendary difficulty, the hardest of Titan Quest's three settings. I suppose most of the people interested in a Titan Quest expansion are going to have played a lot of Titan Quest already, so perhaps that's not an issue.

There are other nice features outside of the new content, too, including gamepad support and improved rendering and performance. The editor has also seen a bunch of new features and UI tweaks, if you're into modding.

You can grab Eternal Embers from Steam for £16.19/€18. It requires Titan Quest Anniversary Edition to play, which will cost you another £18/€20.

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