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Robot Buddies And Space Adventures: Titanfall 2's Campaign

Mechanical mates, ahoy

At a recent gaming convention, I had a brief conversation with someone who described Titanfall as a "dead franchise". That seemed harsh, given that there has only been one Titanfall game, which was fairly well-received even if it didn't set the world on fire. That said, I barely played the first game at all but that's mainly because I'm not a big fan of multiplayer shooters. If only it had taken all of its lovely robots into a singleplayer game.

Oh, hi Titanfall 2's [official site] campaign. You look rather splendid.

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Look, we all know this might well turn out to be absolute bobbins. Or that it might be decent for the first couple of hours, repetitive for the next couple and mercifully lurching toward an ending in the couple after that. I'm not going to pretend that's not a distinct possibility.


There are certainly places in that video that I'd like to run around in, and robots that I'd like to fight. And, yeah, I'm up for having a bot-buddy who makes me reflect on the fact that I'm not sure if he's essentially a big disposable combat coat that I wear every once in a while or an actual friend with feelings. Maybe I'd think a kevlar vest or a gun wanted to make friends with me if they were even slightly anthropomorphised.

Titanfall 2 is out in a couple of weeks - October 28th - so we'll know whether I'm a fool for feeling optimistic about the campaign. Keats said it best: if a fellow can't be even a little excited about the eternal friendship between people and robots in a space war, he's a very sad fellow.

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