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Robargain Bucket: Titanfall's Season Pass Is Free

9 extra maps for no-pennies

Titanfall was a pretty good multiplayer shooty-bang game, most especially because it made playing as a squishy little human as exciting as playing as massive stompy roboguy. Unfortunately, there just wasn't all that much of it, and what there was got a little obfuscated by too many menus and too much waiting. As such, Titanfall doesn't appear to be thriving. Maybe it's too late in the day to change that, but giving out the season pass and attendant DLC for free is a worthwhile roll of the dice. Hell, I'm extremely tempted to head back in now (it's only really a shortage of hard drive space which stops me), and I very much doubt I'm alone in that.

The Season Pass comprises the Expedition, Frontier's Edge and IMC Rising add-on packs. Those are all important-sounding names and I'm sure include extra nuggets of Titanfall's deep-as-Derek-Zoolander storyline, but most importantly have new maps. Nine in total, I believe, and one of them even has a big forest in it.

As far as I can tell there aren't any new Titans in there, which would mean this takes the opposite DLC approach to the recent Evolve, a game which many feel is fated to suffer the same ghost town fate as Titanfall.

In any case, the season pass is now a grand total of £0.00, in honour of the game's one-year anniversary. It requires you to own the original Titanfall and to have an Origin account, although you can't have the former without the latter anyway.

Titanfall itself is now down to £15/$20. Not bad value, though much depends on if there's going to be enough of a resurgence as a result of this to make longer term play viable. Unless you really dig waiting in lobbies, of course. It's fine if you do. Everyone's got a thing.

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