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Your Titan, Sir: Titanfall Adding New Modes And Butler Voice

Starting with some sly assassination

"Mm, yes, that's a sensible change," I mutter, reading over the next Titanfall patch notes. "Oh ho! And matchmaking did indeed need improving too. And how delightful: customisation options for your robot including decals and a snooty English butler voice named Jeeves. I do certainly enjoy customisation in games. I'm not sure about those shotgun changes mind. But yes, it's a solid patch: new features, bug fixes, balance tweaks, all that patch stuff. Certainly patch-y. Very patch-ish."

There I am, all ready to be wearily resigned about the very idea of even looking at a video game, when I notice Respawn Entertainment are also adding a rotating lineup of new modes. The first sounds pretty interesting. I think I might return to Titanfall to play that.

'Marked For Death' mode will see one player on each team called out as a target, so we'll need to protect our chap while getting theirs. Most of my (limited) time with Titanfall saw everyone deathmatching rather than working together, but these sort of assassination modes in multiplayer games have always worked out far better in my experience. I am keen to be a sneaky defender lurking with my pump-action shotgun.

It won't be a permanent fixture, but the first of Titanfall's transitory Featured Game Modes for the playlist rotation. 'Wingman Last Titan Standing' mode will follow next. This is also pretty encouraging, giving reasons to return regularly.

Apparently I'm like a child, and cannot be trusted to switch permanent modes enough to stop myself from wearing them out. No, I need a responsible adult to take old toys from my hands and give me something different. I'm just a big game baby. Or, when I have so much else I could be doing and am paralysed by indecision, the idea of something being new and fleeting gives a jolt of "Ooh! Yes, that!" decision-making aid. Who could say which?

Anyway, do check out the patch notes for everything Update Four will change when it arrives soon. 14 new Burn Cards focused on Titans, better AI for auto-control Titans so they actually use their abilities, a boost to the number of Burn Cards you can collect, a new lady voice to go along with that butler, and loads more. It's a pretty good patch!

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