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TopSpin 2K25 will launch in April with pros past and present, including Serena Williams

And Andre Agassi

A tennis player stretches for the ball while screaming in TopSpin 2k25.
Image credit: 2K Games

TopSpin 2k25 was announced in January, the first entry in the tennis series since 2011. It turns out there's not long to wait before it's served up either, as it now has a release date of April 26th.

The original announcement was only paired with a wee teaser trailer, so here's the full and proper "announcement trailer":

TopSpin 2k25's announcement trailer.Watch on YouTube

Features-wise, TopSpin seems to contain what you expect: it's got the four grand slams, famous courts like Indian Wells and Wimbledon, and a colection of "tennis legends" to play as. That includes Roger Federer and Serena Williams, as seen in the trailer above, but also "Carlos Alcaraz, Iga Swiatek, Frances Tiafoe, Andre Agassi, and others" according to the Steam page.

As per other 2K Sports games, you can also create your own "MyPlayer", which is just a heavily branded character creator full of sports brands. Once we start talking about traditional 2K Sports features, it becomes impossible not to mention they're typically terrible microtransactions and server issues and so on. WWE 2K24 launched on Steam last week, for example, and has been getting a clotheslining in user reviews for all of the above.

All that said, I remain hopeful. The older TopSpin games were great and surely tennis is a narrow enough sport to simulate that you can't mess it up too much? Right? Right?!

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