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Torchlight 3 will share future plans on Friday when the closed beta ends

When life closes a beta it opens a launch window

Next up in the hack and slashin' RPG series, Torchlight 3 previously had a change of heart after starting life as an online game called Torchlight Frontiers. Echtra Games have now announced that the currently-running closed beta will wrap this Friday. Now that they're back in familiar territory, Echtra are planning some livestreamed announcements on the same day to talk about when the game will be "publicly available," which might be anything from a public beta to an early access launch.

Torchlight 3's closed beta began back in March, during which Echtra Games seemed to think they'd primarily be bug fixing. Apparently there was a lot more work than that to do, based on player feedback that "we needed better character customization and a better end game." They say that a whole host of bugs did get fixed, though "the end game feature is still in development."

Despite that, Echtra are ready to move on to the next phase, they say in a new post. They'll apparently be revealing their plans during a livestream on Friday when they share "when Torchlight 3 will be available to the public." They say other announcements about the future of Torchlight 3 are coming as well.

Sure sounds like we may be hearing some kind of release date—whether it be full launch or early access—or maybe a public beta if there really are still a lot of endgame components to complete. Even if that's the case, it seems Echtra can be trusted to take feedback to heart after pivoting from a free-to-play online game to a singleplayer-focused proper Torchlight sequel.

Echtra will be livestreaming on Friday, May 29th on Twitch at 7pm BST / 11am PDT.

You can find Torchlight 3 over on Steam.

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